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Oriks BB Cream are much love by women in Asia. Their premium BB creams are suitable for humid weather in texture and offers light to medium coverage. You can be certain to find a suitable BB Cream by Oriks for your skin type. Celebrity 李倩蓉 endorses Oriks BB Cream. Oriks BB Cream is also featured in Taiwan most popular TV-show magazine - 女人我最大2008秋季版強力推薦 and other magazines.

* Our Oriks BB Cream are direct from Korea. Buy only authentic Oriks BB Cream.

李倩蓉 Celebrity Endorsement

李倩蓉 Celebrity Endorsement

Featured in Taiwan most popular TV-show magazine - 女人我最大2008秋季版強力推薦!

Magazines Feature

Oriks Oriental BB Cream - 50ml @ $19.90

Used as day moisturizing cream, make up base and concealer.

Protecting, Polish, Skin Isolation, Skin Repair, Oil-control, Mositurizing, Brigthening. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Oriks Shiny Pearl BB Cream - 50ml @ $26.90

10 in 1 BB Cream:
Isolation, Concealer, Anti-aging, Moisturizing, Anti-sensitive, Soothing, Whitening, Protection, Oil-Control

* Contains: Hyaraulic Acid, Grape Seed Extracts for moisturizing, Tea leaves for anti-aging, Aloe Vera for soothing, Olive Oil for smoothing. Suitable for all skin types.

Sun BB Cream - 10ml @ $16.90

[ KFDA Function Certification UV Interception SPF 50+ ] This ORIKS Sun BB Cream controls excessive sebum and trouble to you skin for all skin type. Professional powdery method and UV protect funtion maintains your skin to be mat and powdery. It will last your face make up to be lasting and be moist. During the day, you feel comfortable and stable from this UV protector plus BB cream.

Vitamin C BB Cream - 50ml @ $23.90

12-in-1 BB Cream: Isolation-Concealer-Reduce Wrinkles-Moisturizing-Anti Sensitive-Soothing-Whitening-Reduce Dark Spot-Brightening-Protection

Magic BB Cream - 35ml @ $45.90

How Does it Work?
- It is white. Why is it called Magic? It is because when you apply, it gradually blends into your skin tone.
- When it blends, a 'color transformation' happens and it gives you an even face surface and lets your skin become radient and have a healthy complexion.

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