Thursday, January 29, 2009


Who is IKKO?
If you are wondering who this person is...He is IKKO!!!
IKKO is the BEST Make Up & Hair artist in Japan...just like Niu-Er of Taiwan from 女人我最大. All products recommanded by him are a HIT in KOREA & Adore by the Japanese Babes! For the next few postings, I will bring products recommaded by IKKO to you w/o you flying to Korea!!!

You can learn about IKKO from -

Let's welcome the STAR products from Etude House:
Blackhead Cleaning Foam
Blackhead Final Kit

*Pssstt...Etude House Blackhead Remover Range supposedly contains a secret receipe which helps blackhead removal...dun ask me which is /are the ingredient(s), I have no clue...

Black Head Cleansing Foam (150ml)

Squeeze out a pea size of the cleansing foam from the tube and work up a lather. Rise away the build up foam with water.

Blackhead Final Kit - Blackhead Remover (60 ml) & Pore Tightening Cream (15ml)
★Ranked 3rd Best Selling Product in Etude House!!!

This set consist of a Blackhead Remover & Pore Tightening Cream

Step 1: After facial cleansing, dispense Blackhead Remover to cotton wool until wet & adhere wool to nose. Remove pad after 10-20 mins and gently wipe away raised blackheads with cotton wool.

Step 2: After step 1, apply Blackhead smoothing Cream (Pore Tigthening)cream to nose until fully absorbed by skin.

** After using the Blackhead Remover, some of my blackheads which are quite stubborn raised only a little so i squeezed them out. Surprisingly, they came out quite effortlessly. Usually it will be very painful when i tried to extract my blackheads w/o application of the Blackhead Remover. Yes, I know its gross, maybe I shall post the blackheads here...hahaha

Meanwhile, here are more items from Blackhead Remover series. I have never tried them before, but you sure can try them out & share your comments.

Blackhead Heating Scrub (50g)

Blackhead Bond Patch - 10pcs

Black Head Roll on Spot - 50ml

Blackhead Eraser Stick - 5g

Are your pores getting FAT? Its time to put them on DIET with Etude House Pore Diet Range...

Pore Diet Magic Balm - 20ml

Pore Diet Essence - 45ml

Pore Tightening Patch

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